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  • “We at Harvard Western are pleased to voice our support for your plan to build an insurer to service the western Canadian market. We recently noticed a hardening in the insurance market here in Saskatchewan and we therefore would welcome additional insurance capacity into the province, particularly by an insurer with a focus on specialty lines and commercial property capacity.”

    Dave Pettigrew, President & CEO, Harvard Western Insurance
  • “As one of the largest independent brokerages in Canada, with over 500 staff in our group of companies, Rogers Insurance Ltd. and myself are well-positioned to evaluate the need for new capacity in the market and am pleased to [support Fortress Insurance and its] efforts to bring new insurance capacity to Alberta and Western Canada.”

    Bruce Rabik, Chief Operating Officer, Rogers Insurance Ltd.
  • “I’m delighted to hear that Fortress is proceeding through the regulatory process with a plan to…expand its product line and territory to include the B.C. marketplace. My team and I are eager to…work together.”

    Jack Meier, President, InsureBC Group
  • “We believe that there is room in the western Canadian marketplace for a small, nimble, regionally focused insurer that can respond to special situations, develop innovative products and provide excess capacity in commercial insurance. With global insurers currently moving capital and capacity out of Canada, we agree with you that now is an opportune time to execute your plan.”

    Joe Sirianni, Chief Operating Officer, Western Financial Group