Commercial Offer and Acceptance Facility


Support brokers on subscription policies, notably the last 5-10% of any one risk/policy. Our aim is to take a portfolio approach versus underwrite each risk which requires good submission flow from supporting brokers (key concern is anti-selection).


  • Fortress TIV up to $3 million per location
  • No high-hazard CAT exposure – earthquake in BC, 100-year flood zones or less
  • One domestic participant on each risk (includes all the main markets)
  • Domestic Insurer commercial property wording
  • Key Exclusions: Communicable Disease, Cyber, Terrorism
  • Offer competitive rates and deductibles


Submit full package to; our underwriters will review and confirm participation.

Usually best to send risk once lead terms are established.


  • New capacity!
  • Quick turnaround times (target is 48-72 hours)
  • Will accept wide range of risks
  • Will generally follow lead on terms, pricing and claims
  • Supported by our global reinsurance partner
  • Success of our facility will be based on volume and profitability, we have minimum volume commitments